Wednesday, December 2, 2020

"Halo Hero" Overnight Boot Camp


What would it be like to own the dog of your dreams? Imagine your dog listening to you and  being the dog that people say is so smart and behaves so well. How about a dog you can take to the park that walks nicely along side of you or can run free in a dog safe area? 

Yes! You can have the dog you have always wanted.

Overnight Boot Camp is for people who want the most exceptional training experience for their dog. You will get the benefits of your dog learning in a home and community environment for 10 consecutive days. 

Peace of mind will be yours, knowing your dog is sleeping in our home not in a separate kennel building. Your valuable time and a lot of hard work will be saved when your dog comes to Overnight Boot Camp for 10 days as well as the benefit of continued learning when your dog returns home. 

The extra time your dog is here will make maintaining the training easier for you. Your dog will have a stronger understanding of all the commands which means that your dog will be reliable with all the commands sooner.

Here is the Plan: 

10 training days in our home. Out of the DogHouse LLC will be 100% responsible for your dog in your absence.  

All necessary Training equipment

10 commands : Let's Go, Off, Sit, Come, Down, Place, Kennel, Leave It, Look, No Pull Walking

Free Maintenance Facetime Lessons from your home for you and your dog.


What's next?     

Call right away. We want to hear about your dog (440) 286-9070

Here is a video of a recent puppy training during his Overnight Boot Camp.

How our program works:

Our Chardon home setting is perfect in helping your dog learn how to behave at your home. Your dog stays in our home during our Overnight Dog Boot Camp.

Dog problems are addressed in familiar situations helping your dog learn what to do when they return to your home. You and your dog will learn everything you need to know to live happily together, making your home peaceful and enjoyable.

Our program includes all the equipment you'll need to be able to safely and confidently reach your training goals. You just need to pick which program fits your personal preference and needs. This is a serious investment towards years of peace of mind and happiness with your dog. Each program varies on how much time your dog spends with us for training and how active you are in and after the programs ends.

All of our training programs focus on the resolution of unwanted behaviors, reliability around distractions and creating a calm, happy dog you can live with and take with you.

Some of the bonuses that our programs include that set us apart from other dog trainer's packages:

Unlimited email and phone support

All the necessary training equipment included

Solutions for all your dog's unwanted behaviors

Unique Guarantee 

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