Wednesday, August 12, 2020

One Smart Cookie Puppy Preschool

Phoebe-Kristin-One-Smart-CookieWant the dog of your dreams? Start your new puppy out right to avoid doggie drama later! You and your family will learn everything you need to know; Housetrain your puppy, groom and provide appropriate health care, play positive games with your pup, and begin shaping behaviors such as leash walking, waiting at the door, sit and come. 

Proper socialization of a puppy is one of the most important things a dog owner can do for their new bundle of fur. Socialization involves exposing a puppy to new stimuli (sights, sounds, smells, and experiences) in a controlled fashion so that the pup has a positive experience with the new things. Creating these positive experiences at a young age helps the dog tremendously in learning how to cope with new circumstances in life rather than reacting fearfully. Fear responses comprise the main reason dogs develop aggressive tendencies as they grow older.

Creating this confident and positive mindset is best achieved prior to the puppy turning 16 weeks of age. Of course the dog can still learn after that age, but there may be more need to unlearn inappropriate behaviors and to rehabilitate fears that have developed through negative experiences or through a lack of exposure and isolation.

You will also learn how to intervene properly to reduce behaviors such as play biting, jumping up, inappropriate chewing, and food or toy possessiveness. Your puppy will be exposed to novel situations to help them be confident. We help you and your puppy learn how to learn.

Start puppy training early at 8 weeks and before 16 weeks with the proper methods and avoid dog behavior problems in the future.  

4 Private Lessons at Out of the DogHouse-Chardon, OH

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Who can Resist Puppies?!!

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