Wednesday, December 2, 2020

"Earn Your Wings" K9 Camper Private Lessons

Get started on a great relationship with your dog. K9 Camper teaches your dog to listen obediently on and off leash and around distractions. You will see dramatic differences in your dog right away.

This is for people who want to take more of an active part in their dog's learning experience and have the time to practice between lessons. 6 private lessons will be held at Out of the DogHouse.

You want your dog to behave....Period!

©"iFP" invisible Fence in your Pocket Training

Just like an invisible fence for your home, you can have the convenience of keeping your dog safe in any environment; both at home or away. And any environment can be safe from your dog. The Remote Training Collar is just like having an invisible Fence in your Pocket. You will be able to train your dog to respect your home, personal space and stop unwanted behavior such as jumping on guests, running away, counter surfing, digging, and eating things they shouldn't.

Here is the Plan:
6 Lessons: 1 Starter lesson,  5 Remote Collar lessons at ODH. 
All necessary Training equipment
Includes Marker Words, No Pull Walking, ©"iFP",
Come, Place/Stay

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