Wednesday, December 2, 2020

K-911 Help

K-911 Facetime Lesson

Need immediate Help? Do you have a specific dog behavior problem?  If you are dealing with shyness, aggression, fearfulness, resource guarding or other undesirable behaviors such as leash pulling, barking, house-training or other issues, this consultation, with our certified dog trainer, can address and fix many behavior problems. Our K-911 will help you gain control of the situation and get you on the way to a new and better relationship with your dog, with you as the leader. 

Training solutions and a management plan will be given, along with an online private lesson. 30 day phone and email support included.

This is how it works:

We will connect online through Facetime. I will discuss your concerns about your dog's behavior. Then we will have a lesson together to practice the suggested solutions. I will also send you handouts to guide you through this process. We will design a strategic plan to help you manage and teach your dog to change or prevent unwanted behavior.

We are happy to listen. 

Call us to talk about your dog (440) 286-9070

Listen how this family felt after their K-911 help.


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