Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Our Unique Guarantee

Yes! We guarantee our training will work for you!

We want you to achieve your goals so we will offer support for the rest of your dog's life; your training will last their lifetime

We often see dogs that have had prior training elsewhere and still are not at the point you wish they had achieved. We will help you achieve your goals. We want you and your dog to reach your full potential. 

Why are we confident enough to offer a guarantee when others don't?

Our methods.

We are aware of the many common training class methods available and understand their limitations. Our personal, gentle and humane methods work by encouraging cooperation from your dog to listen to you and stop doing those unwanted behaviors. 

Food and marker training are a critical beginning to building a strong, healthy relationship between you and your dog, but it too comes with limitations. We want you to be able to ask your dog a command without a treat available and have your dog listen, even when distractions are a greater temptation than food. Your dog will listen the first time because you have built a relationship of trust and cooperation. Our training is reliable in any environment, resolves unwanted behaviors quickly and allows for off leash reliability. 

We teach both YOU and your dog.

You will be taught how to be effective and successful while learning to communicate with your dog. We show you how to train your dog. And will be available for help as you continue to work on your own. You are an essential part of your dog's training.  

We train all types of dogs.

Our training works for every dog. We understand the problems you are having and know we can help you. 

Our knowledge

Attended a national dog training institute, continued education with top trainers in the country and participated in seminars throughout the country; We are always willing to learn more!


So what does our Guarantee mean for you?

Our training will work

We know we're never going to get a dog that just doesn't get it.  Our methods work for every dog, they can all understand and learn. Some families worry that their dogs are just not trainable and won't be able to pick it up - so with this guarantee, you know you have that peace of mind that you won't have to worry about it just not working.

Follow up Support

Our programs include a certain number of lessons, but if you ever need anything else after that, that's totally fine-I'll be there. You never have to pay for extra lessons if you ever need them. We encourage you to keep in touch and call with any questions or concerns that may come up after training. Our training is a long-term investment for having a wonderful life with your dog. 


As you can probably tell, we do things a little differently!


What's next?

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